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Maanesten's H/W 23 collection, Twin Flames, explore the bond shared by close friends or siblings. It dives into this connection between two people who understand each other's hearts, souls, strengths, and imperfections better than anyone else in the world. It is a relationship that brings balance and grounding in life, regardless of the differences between them. Twin Flames interpret this relationship as the synergy between the Sun and the Moon, who act as opposites but whose differences make them stronger together. Throughout time, their eternal, playful chase across the sky has captivated us, and Maanesten now presents their dualistic universe.

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Maanesten’s A/W 23 collection pays tribute to a figure of power and beauty, the goddess, Artemis. In Greek mythology, Artemis was a hunter goddess, a protector of the woods and mountains, associated with the moon and music, a dancer in shadowy groves, a goddess of the wild things. She was a feminist powerhouse who protected young women and those in labor. While she never chose marriage herself, she stayed free and wild underneath the night sky. “The collection is inspired by a woman who always stood up for herself and other women, and today we need this empowerment. We imagined a contemporary goddess who follows her own rules instead of the norms and who is living a confident life doing what she feels is right. Our modern Artemis is true to her own nature. She is the queen of the night, dancing through the neon light,” says Lotte Callesen, designer and founder of Maanesten.

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