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Zodiac Water Cancer Necklace

Zodiac Water Cancer Necklace

Cancer. June 22 – July 22 Beneath the hard exterior, Cancer hides a rich and colorful emotional life. Cancer values family and traditions and spends a long time in his own world of dreams, nostalgia, and ideas. Cancer is a water sign; a sign that both contains the calm of the water and enormous forces. The many powerful gemstones of the Cancer Necklace explore and support the positive potentials of Cancer. Read more about each of the beautiful stones here: FRESHWATER PEARL Enhances integrity, truth, wisdom, and honesty. AQUAMARINE Soothes the soul and strengthens truth and trust. AMETHYST Protects against negative energy by opening heart to love and tolerance. PINK CORAL Provides grounding and opens the heart. A symbol of modesty. TIGER EYE Helps you being more responsible and taking decisions. RAINBOW MOONSTONE Enhances creativity, compassion, and perseverance.

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