Terms & Conditions


At Maanesten it is possible to pay with most credit- and debit cards. After the purchase, a receipt will be sent directly to your chosen email.



During sale it might take up to 15 working days for orders to be delivered.

Items purchased in our online shop can be returned or exchanged in both our physical stores our by sending the package to: Maanesten AS, Købmagergade 62, 3. sal, 1150 København K, Denmark. It might take up to 14 working days before your product is refunded during sale. 

All sale products purchased online can be returned an exchanged within 14 days upon receive. It is not possible to extend the right of return. It is not possible to exchange or return sale products purchased in our physical stores. 


Maanesten delivers within 5-6 working days in Europe, with reservations of sold out goods. In December and other busy periods, the delivery time may be extended for up to 10 working days. We send your order in one, so it will extend the time of delivery if one of the requested goods is out of stock.

We send our packages with GLS. Maanesten can’t be held responsible for delays at our package distributors.

When ordering later than 12.00 pm the delivery time will be extended with 24 hours. If a package can’t be able delivered as requested, we will contact you within 2-4 working days. There will be an extended delivery time when ordering from our sale categories, it should also be noted that our sale items does not come with a regular jewelry box.




Gift cards bought in our online and physical stores are valid 2 years from the date of issue. The gift card can be used in both our online and physical store. It is not possible to get the remaining amount in cash and a gift card can’t be extended.




We offer 14 days of cancellation right on the goods, counting from the day you receive the item. If you regret a purchase, the only requirement is you return the goods in the same condition as you received it. Any impairment will be deducted. When the product is returned and assessed/approved, the money will be refunded to your account within a few days. The cost of return is the responsibility of the buyer and is payed by the buyer self. For practical details – see the section ‘warranty’.




Maanesten offers two years of warranty according to The Danish Sale of Goods Act, comprehensive manufacturing- and material defect, with normal use of the product. The warranty does not cover flaws, damages, wear and tear, as a result of misuse, poor maintenance, violence or tampering. Complaints regarding defects discovered by normal examination of the goods, shall be reported to kundeservice@maanesten.com within reasonable time. The goods can then be returned to repair, exchange or crediting with agreement. Maanesten keeps the cost of return low in case of complaints.




Return will take place to the following adress:

Maanesten AS
Købmagergade 62, 3. sal
1150 København K.
Email: kundeservice@maanesten.com
Phone: +45 70 70 79 27

Returns can also happen by denying to receive the package. It is not a requirement, but the expedition will be promoted if information comes with the package – copy of order confirmation, registration number and account number of your bank account to which reimbursement may be, copies of any prior correspondence, etc.




In case of returned or prepaid goods that is cancelled before dispatch, a full or partial refund of the purchase price will happen. Reimbursement normally happens by bank transfer, and the payment will be transferred back to the original account that purchased the goods.




Excluded the price of the goods, a fee on 13€ for delivery will be imposed for handling and shipping.




PBS imposes a fee when paying with debit card. Maanesten has decided to cover this fee.




No personal informations given to Maanesten, will at any time be assigned, sold or be available for a third person. All information is held with care and is only available to trusted employees at Maanesten. For electronic payments, we store for security reasons no credit card information. Only when the payment happens there will be financial information transferred to PBS. This is done with maximum security via an encrypted SSL connection by regulations issued by PBS. The transaction is handled via e-pay.dk to ensure compliance with applicable safety requirements. During a purchase the needed delivery and contact information is given. This information is only used when treating the order. The information is transmitted and is electronically stored in five years. There is normally no use of the information, but it is kept in case of a police investigation. All false orders will be reported to the police!

In contact with Personal Data Protection Act you can request to be informed of the specific information Maanesten have registered about you. Information may be erased if requested.




We reserve the right to delete spam, spam accounts and unwanted comments on our Facebook page and Instagram account. Posts we no longer want to appear on our accounts will also be deleted from time to time.